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The Light and the Shade

A refugee girl from Somalia finds acceptance and bravery in her classroom teacher's very special assignment. This short story for children has riddles to solve and a heartwarming message about things that look a little bit different.


The Light and the Shade  by Neille Williams has been awarded second prize in this international competition, promoting justice and equality through the arts.

2ND PLACE - 2021 International Human Rights Art Festival Literary Competition - short story

Ruff and Tumble

A young girl receives a wonderful  gift from her older brother - and this gift will give her the courage to ride her bike again after a terrible accident. This short story for children has riddles to solve, a message of girl power  - and one wonderful dog named Ruff!

In Search of Treasure

A young boy bonds with his grandfather when he wakes up to find a very special treasure hunt made just for him. This short story for children has riddles to solve and a message about time being the most valuable treasure of all. 

A Mashed Potato Murder

A meal with a difference, our protagonist finds herself in a desperate situation when all is not what it appears to be at the dinner table. You may never eat mashed potato again after reading this short murder mystery for adults...

Dinner for Three


Friday Night Book Club

Detective Kidd and the Case of the Watercolour Artist

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