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Need some great new music to practise, play and perform? Check out our range of gorgeous pieces, designed to challenge, inspire and show off you and your wonderful musicians!

Each arrangement is instantly downloadable - and you can listen to the piece and/or preview the score before you buy. All concert band arrangements also include conductor's notes with a professional blurb for concert programs plus rehearsal tips and composer information.

For film music fans, check out the short film at the bottom of this page with the music score composed by yours truly (it's a little scary though, so keep the kiddies away).

PLEASE NOTE: All concert band grades/levels in are in accordance with the American Band College Music Grading Chart guidelines.

For concert band - quirky, fun and beautiful arrangements to inspire music-making...

Toasty Warm-ups for Concert Band


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Why shouldn't warm-ups be the best part of your rehearsal? Put some toasty flavour into your warm-ups with these breakfast-inspired etudes based on Pachelbel's Canon. It'll leave them hungry for more! Notes for the conductor/teacher are included. Click below to hear these warm-ups in full:

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